Robert J. Deeds, Sheriff

Robert J. Deeds, Sheriff

Robert J. Deeds has served as the Sheriff of the City of Williamsburg and James City County since January 1, 2000. More>>

Williamsburg - James City County Sheriff’s Office History

In 1634, the history of the American Sheriff began after the settlements in Virginia were sufficiently established to allow for the replacement of the military regime by a civil government. James City “Shire” now known as James City County is one of eight original Virginia “Shires”. More >>


We, the professional men and women of the Williamsburg - James City County Sheriff’s Office, are empowered to defend the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We will fairly and diligently work to provide the most effective and efficient delivery of services in the areas of court security, service of civil process and execution of lawful orders of the court.  We will interact with court personnel, city officials and other law enforcement agencies to ensure a safe and secure court services environment for our citizens. More>>