Extra-Duty Officers

Off-Duty Security and Traffic Control

The James City County Police Department offers the opportunity for local businesses, organizations, and citizens to hire off-duty officers to provide police security services or traffic control at one-time and/or recurring events. Officers will perform duties in accordance with normal police duties and will not engage in other functions such as accepting tickets, checking IDs, serving food, etc. All requests must be submitted to the Department for approval and not through an individual officer.

Officers work extra duty assignments on a voluntary basis. Therefore, the Department offers no guarantee that we will be able to honor your request. However, the coordinator will keep in touch with requestors so that alternative arrangements can be made if we are unable to fulfill your request.

It is strongly recommended that requests for extra duty are submitted at least 1 month in advance.


The current regular rate of pay is $50 per hour, per officer. The Holiday rate of pay is $60 per hour, per officer. There is a 4-hour minimum requirement.  

The rate of pay also increases to $60 per hour, per officer during special events requiring the hiring of 6 or more officers. Events that require the hiring of 8 or more officers must also pay for an additional officer to serve as supervisor of the event. Officers serving as a supervisor will be a Master Police Officer or higher.

Requests for extra duty made less than 24 hours in advance of an event will also have an increased rate of pay of $60 per hour, per officer.

We kindly request at least a 36-hour notice in the event of cancellation. If a cancellation notice has not been received by the start of the event, the minimum amount of $200 per officer will be billed. 

Submit Your Request

To request an Extra Duty officer, please complete the Request an Off-Duty Officer Form online.