Master Officer Zach Miller Awarded 2017 Officer of the Year

Over the last year, Master Officer Zach Miller has done a remarkable job collaborating with others and streamlining all areas of department training. He has instituted or been part of the implementation of new department training programs, to include a use of force simulator and ALERRT Active Shooter Response programs. 

Master Officer Zach Miller, Officer of the YearHe provides legal updates and training to academy and department personnel, with it being evident that he pours significant time and effort into researching case law. Miller has also worked to host more regional and statewide training at JCCPD, to include some through grant funding. While serving as JCCPD’s training officer, he still routinely assists patrol officers on calls and at crime scenes. 

He puts in each year to serve on the department’s Highway Safety Task Force to keep his policing capabilities intact while away from patrol. Miller always makes himself available for questions or assistance. His wealth of knowledge, routine demonstration of County values, and performance over the last year is commended.