Social Services

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New Health Insurance Coverage for Adults aged 19 to 64

Medicaid Expansion
The Rules Have Changed! Check out new quality low cost health coverage options coming soon for adults. Virginia's new health coverage for adults age 19-64 starts Jan. 2019.

Learn more about Medicaid Expansion or complete the screener to see if you qualify.

About Us

Social Services programs are intended to help people to help themselves by temporarily assisting residents in meeting their basic needs, including food, shelter, utilities and medical care and through employment. Additionally, we provide services focused on protecting children, the disabled and the elderly from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Services of the Virginia Department of Social Services are provided without regard to race, color, national origin, handicap, sex, age, political beliefs or religious creed.

Apply or Screen for Benefit Programs

To apply or screen for benefit programs, please visit the CommonHelp website.