Housing Orientation

Household Statistics

There are about 72,5831 people living in James City County which translates to about 29,3121 households. James City County households are largely 1-, 2-, and 3-person households. About 14% of households are 4-person households and only 5% have more than 4 people.2

The majority, approximately 65%, of James City County housing units are single-family detached units.1 The next largest category of housing is mobile homes which make up approximately 10% of the housing stock.3 Approximately 7% of housing units are townhouses and the rest are apartments or condominiums.3
The majority, approximately 68% of James City County housing units are owner-occupied. Most of these owners have a mortgage. About 5,000, 26%, own their home free and clear. About 21% of housing units are rented. The Census estimates that between 7% and 11% of the housing units are vacant, but much of that vacancy is a consequence of turnover in the market, meaning most of the vacancies are temporary rather than due to abandoned properties.
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1 2014 American Community Survey, 1-year estimate
2 2013 American Community Survey, 3-year estimate
3 2014 American Community Survey, 5-year estimate
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