Good Neighbor Grant

Enhancing Communities & Neighborhoods

Matching grant awards up to $500 are available each fall to neighborhood  associations or community groups. The purpose of this grant is to enhance the  sense of community and sustainability of our neighborhoods through the  development and accomplishment of an environmentally sustainable  landscape beautification project.  

The application deadline for submissions is Sept.1 each year. Apply for the Good Neighbor Grant (PDF).

Previous Winners

  1. 2017

VillasBerkeley's Green Neighborhood Association

Residents volunteered to clean up litter for this project. The aim was to visually enhance the area, promote a clean environment standard, and foster community cohesiveness and pride.

November 9, 2017 entrance landscaping 006Fairway Villas Neighborhood Association

Residents volunteered to clean up litter and apply gravel to maintain a local conservation trail. This project contributes to the beautification of the area and reduces the presence of litter.

roadsideKingspoint Neighborhood Association

The neighborhood is renovating the front entrance by planting sustainable and native plants in the front flower beds to add to the beautification of the area while also working in tandem with clean up efforts already being practiced by residents within the community.

birdhouseSeasons Trace Home Owners Association

Residents volunteered to remove litter, brush and fallen trees from common area wooded lots and the roadside. In addition, they also built bird and owl shelters out of recycled materials. These efforts support the beautification, litter prevention, and recycling initiatives in the community.

stonehouseSkiffes Creek Terrace Neighborhood Association 

The association built a sustainable garden that utilized water conservation techniques while also preventing slope erosion. This garden promoted community involvement and beautification by encouraging residents to volunteer to tend to the garden.

Association at Stonehouseslide

Volunteers improved flowerbeds at the entrances and near the parking lot to make the areas more welcoming and visually appealing. This project not only beautifies the area but creates a sense of unity within the community by having the local garden club and other residents volunteer to contribute.

Westmoreland Home Owners Associationpictures 1

The association and volunteers cleaned, enhanced and maintained the playground and removed overgrowth around the pond and area adjacent to the playground. These efforts contribute to the longevity of the playground as well as laying a foundation to further beautification projects in the community.