Real Estate Taxes

Billing Statements

Real estate taxes are billed semiannually in December and June by the treasurer, and are based on the assessment from the previous July 1. Additionally, supplemental bills may be sent out from time to time due to taxpayers completing homes and/or additions to existing homes. These supplemental bills will have due dates respective to the date they are mailed.

Tax Rates

The real estate tax rate is set by the James City County (JCC) Board of Supervisors annually and determines the amount of the tax which is levied on property. This uniform tax rate is expressed in dollars per $100 of assessed value.

For example, a tax rate of $0.83 per $100 would result in a real estate tax of $1,660 on a property assessed at $200,000.

Real Estate Tax Rate x Assessment = Tax

$0.83/100 x $200,000 = $1,660 or

$.0083 x $200,000 = $1,660

For More Information

For questions about real estate assessments, please contact the Real Estate Assessor’s Office at 757-253-6650 or by email. Search for your property tax balance on our Property Information site.