Rates & Charges

Current Customer Rates & Charge (as of July 1, 2023)

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  1. Water Charges
  2. Sewer Charges

Retail Service Rates

(a)  Fixed Charge – Each customer bill shall include a Fixed Charge based upon the size of the meter serving the customer. The Fixed Charge for each billing cycle shall be calculated based on the fixed charge chart below. This Fixed Charge is for expenses associated with operating and maintaining the water distribution system.Retail-Services-Rate-Water

(b)  Water service shall be based upon a commodity charge for all consumption, as follows:



Systems Facilities & Local Facilities Fee

Consult Section 17 of the JCSA Regulations Governing Utility Service for information on Systems Facilities and Local Facilities Fee.


To secure the Authority against loss, a deposit equal to one and one-half times a billing period’s estimated charges may be required in certain situations. For the complete policy regarding Deposits see the Regulations Governing Utility Service (Section 17).

Transaction Charge for Late Payment

A Transaction Charge for late payment of 1.5 percent of the balance due shall be added to the bill in the event that the bill is not paid within 21 days following the date thereof.

Account Charge

An Account Charge of $40 shall be paid by each applicant for a new account or transferring an existing account. The purpose of this charge is to defray the cost of clerical and bookkeeping activities associated with turning on service and/or meter reading.

Hydrant Meter Rental Deposits

Authority furnished hydrant meter users shall pay a deposit of the following amounts:

Hydrant-Meter-Rental-Deposits -Ancilliary

Upon the return of the hydrant meter to JCSA, the user will be refunded the deposit, less a $50 non-refundable fee, and less the water usage occurred. Any repairs deemed necessary, due to the user’s neglect, will also be deducted from the deposit.

Re-inspection Fee

There shall be an inspection fee of $50 for the third and subsequent inspections for water and sewer service connections and fats, oils and grease (FOG) inspections. These will include, but are not limited to; water meter box installations, water and sewer line connections, and grinder pump service agreement inspections. This charge will be paid prior to the third and all subsequent inspections.

Restoration of Service Charge

Where service has been terminated due to nonpayment of the bill, a Restoration of Service Charge of $30 shall be paid. The purpose of this charge is to defray the expenses, including clerical and bookkeeping activities, of terminating and restoring service.

Meter Test Fee

A Meter Test Fee shall be required when a test is performed at the request of a customer. When the meter is found to have registered three percent or greater increase between the meter reading and calibrated testing device, the customer shall receive a refund of the overcharge as a credit against future charges for the period that the meter was in use, but not to exceed six months. In addition, the fee remitted with the application for test shall be refunded in full.

No refund of the fee shall be made when the meter registration is less than three percent between the meter reading and calibrated testing device.

The deposit is determined by meter size: 


Meter Tampering

Should the JCSA determine that a customer has tampered with the meter or its connections, then the customer shall be subject to a penalty of $500 per occurrence.

Grinder Pump Maintenance Charge

A Grinder Pump Maintenance Charge of $425 shall be paid annually by each customer who has requested the JCSA to provide that service.

Lawn Irrigation System Fee

Where lawn irrigation systems are being connected to the Authority’s water system, there shall be a Lawn Irrigation System Fee of $1,000 established for each residential and commercial account.