Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance Amendments


James City County is working on several updates to the County’s Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances in accordance with initiating resolutions adopted by the Board of Supervisors. Several of these updates align with Goals, Strategies and Actions in the County’s 2045 Comprehensive Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What ordinance updates are being considered?

Ordinance update initiating resolutions have been adopted by the Board of Supervisors and assigned the following case numbers and titles. A link to the initiating resolution materials is provided. More information about the ordinance updates will be included in staff memos prepared for the Policy Committee, Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

What is the process for ordinance updates?

Each ordinance update topic will be presented to the Policy Committee for discussion at one or more meetings, depending on the work that is needed. The topics may also be brought to Board of Supervisors Business Meetings (the 2nd Board meeting of the month) for discussion.

Following the Policy Committee meetings, all ordinance update topics will be scheduled for public hearings with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors for adoption. Public hearings are advertised in the Virginia Gazette and meeting materials are posted on the County website.

What is the timeline for consideration of these ordinance updates?

The following shows the tentative schedule for discussion of the ordinance update topics. This table will be updated as the process continues.

Board of Supervisors DiscussionPlanning Commission - Adoption ConsiderationBoard of Supervisors - Adoption Consideration
ORD-22-0001 Amendments for 
Scenic Roadway Protection
ORD-22-0002 Amendments for R-8, Rural Residential and A-1, General Agricultural Lot 
Size and Related Requirements
ORD-22-0003 Amendments for Calculation 
of Residential Development Density
ORD-22-0004 Amendments for Community Recreation Facilities12/8/22
ORD-22-0005 Amendments for Uses 
in the B-1, General Business District
ORD-22-0006 Amendments for A-1 Cluster Configuration Subdivision8/11/22TBDTBDTBD

How can the public be informed and contribute?

Valuable information collected during the Engage 2045 Comprehensive Plan update process is already serving to inform the ordinance updates. The public can also be informed and participate in the ordinance update process by:

  • Watching or participating in meetings
  • Submitting comments via email or mail to staff. Staff will forward comments to the Policy Committee, Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors.

The County will be advertising and providing notice in accordance with Virginia State Code. Depending on the specific circumstances of the ordinance update topic, this may include mailed notice to individual property owners.

How can I ask a question about the ordinance updates?

Please contact the County project managers as follows: