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  1. Permit Link, official application of James City County, Virginia
    JCC PermitLink is a fully automated system that replaces traditional paperwork. Apply for needed permits, upload plans, pay fees, schedule inspections, check on plan reviews, and receive real time inspection results, all through the secure customer service portal.

    In response to COVID-19, the JCC Board of Supervisors has waived all credit card and e-check convenience charges through Dec. 30.

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    Important fee updates coming Jan. 1.
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Permitted uses are determined by the zoning of your property. Visit the County Code portion of the County webpage to view the section of the Zoning Ordinance that would apply to your property. The requirements for each zoning district are listed in Chapter 24 Article 5 as follows:
  • Division 2: A-1 General Agricultural
  • Division 3: R-1 Limited Residential
  • Division 4: R-2 General Residential
  • Division 4.1: R-3 Residential Redevelopment
  • Division 5: R-4 Residential Planned Community
  • Division 6: R-5 Multifamily Residential
  • Division 7: R-6 Low-Density Residential
  • Division 8: R-8 Rural Residential
  • Division 9: LB Limited Business
  • Division 10: B-1 General Business
  • Division 11: M-1 Limited Business/Industrial
  • Division 12: M-2 General Industrial
  • Division 13: RT Research and Technology
  • Division 14: PUD Planned Unit Development
  • Division 15: MU Mixed Use