Backflow & Cross Connection Control

For information on how to properly install an irrigation system in the JCSA service area that meets regulatory requirements, please visit our Irrigation page.

About the Program

The JCSA administers a program of surveying, inspecting and testing of all backflow prevention devices and assemblies within water distribution systems. This Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Program was devised and implemented with security of the potable water supply and the health of our citizens in mind. Accordingly, this program is administered by the JCSA in conjunction with the Virginia State Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency.

This program is in place to illustrate the requirements for installation of approved backflow devices or assemblies and the related responsibilities for regular maintenance, inspection and testing. A vital part of this program is the annual inspection and testing of all backflow assemblies by a Virginia State certified tester with test results being forwarded to the JCSA Cross Connection Control Supervisor. The authority for this program comes directly from the JCSA Board of Directors.

Property Owner Responsibilities

Since the JCSA follows a containment policy, all backflow devices are located on the private side of the community potable water system. The property owner is responsible for the maintenance, inspection, and testing of these devices, and to ensure compliance with the JCSA Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Program requirements.

If you have one of the hazards listed in our Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Program at your property and do not have a backflow prevention assembly installed, you could potentially be putting yourself and your family at risk. This scenario would also apply to installed backflow prevention assemblies that are not working properly. Please be sure to have your backflow assembly tested annually.   

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