Little Creek Reservoir Rental Fees

Boat Ramp Launch & Rental Fees

Rental Resident Non-resident
Boat Ramp Launch Comp Pass (12-month)
$75 $113
Boat Ramp Launch (day)
$5 $8
Canoe & Kayak Boat Ramp Launch (if trailered) $2 $3
Single Kayak Rental (hourly)*
Single Kayak Rental (half-day) $15 $23
Single Kayak Rental (full-day) $25 $38
Tandem Kayak/Canoe (hourly)* $10 $15
Tandem Kayak/Canoe (half-day) $25 $35
Tandem Kayak/Canoe (full-day) $35 $53
Jon Boat with Electric Motor & Battery (hourly)
$12 $18
Jon Boat with Electric Motor & Battery (day) $36 $54
Jon Boat Only (hourly)* $6 $8
Jon Boat Only (day) $18 $21
Battery Only (hourly)* $5 $7
Battery Only (day) $15 $18
Electric Motor Only (hourly)*
$5 $7
Electric Motor Only (day)
$15 $18
Kayak Dry Storage (month) $15 $23
Kayak Dry Storage (12-month) $150 $225
*1-hour minimum

Self-Pay Option

Please visit the Little Creek Reservoir Park store to pay your launch fee. If the store is closed, payment is due on an Honor System: 

  1. Take one payment envelope from the mailbox located at the top of the boat ramp.
  2. Write today’s date and your vehicle’s license plate number on the payment envelope and hang tag.
  3. Check the box to identify your residency status and enclose the appropriate fee amount in the payment envelope.
  4. Tear off the hang tag from the envelope and hang it on your rearview mirror. The hang tag is your payment receipt and should face outward so park staff can determine payment status.
  5. Seal and deposit your payment envelope in the drop box also located at the top of the boat ramp.
  6. If you need assistance or have comments or concerns, please visit the Little Creek Reservoir Park store or call 757-259-5360 during operating hours. You may also call the Park Ranger at 757-592-1665 if the store is closed.

* Permits for the use of public park or recreational facilities may be required by the Director of Parks & Recreation. Where permits are required, no person shall engage in or make use of any park and recreational facility without first paying for same and adhering to the rules and regulations governing use of Little Creek Reservoir Park. 

Call 757-603-7853 for current fees.

Shelter Rental Fees

Resident Non-resident
Shelter/Playground (full day)
$75 $100
Shelter/Playground (half day)
$50 $75