Why isn’t there more information on what plastics can’t go in the cart?

The only items that are being excluded (that were included before) are plastic containers such as yogurt cups and clamshells because there simply isn’t a market for those materials at this time. The good news is that these are a small percentage of our recycling stream. All of the items that we currently accept have always made up the majority of the items in the cart.

We are simply asking folks to pay attention to the shape of the plastic rather than the number to keep it simple and minimize confusion. We accept any plastic bottles and jugs (water bottles, sports drink bottles, laundry detergent containers, shampoo bottles and any other plastic container with a neck). This does include #1 and #2 plastics but those numbers on the bottoms of containers can be misleading and were created by the plastics industry to identify the chemical compounds that the materials are made of. The best way for consumers to recycle correctly it to pay attention to the shape.

Plastic bottles and jugs are the only ones that are marketable for recycling. The recycling industry is working hard to look for new markets so as they become available, we will definitely be adding more materials back into the stream.

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