Why can’t I recycle plastics without a neck if they are #1 or #2?

The number of plastics with a neck that are not #1 and #2 are minimal so the Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) can easily weed them out. Here is the technical explanation:

Plastics #1 and #2 with a neck are the only plastic containers that hold any value on the recycling commodities market at this time. Bottles with a neck are blow molded and melted at a certain temperature. Plastic bottles without a neck are injection molded and melted at a different temperature. When the two different types of materials are mixed in the recycling stream they create a contamination problem because there is no market for the injection molded plastics #1 and #2 at this time and they do not melt down together. To streamline the response we simply leave the numbers out of the conversation and tell folks that we accept any plastic bottle with a neck. The small number of plastics with a neck that are not #1 and #2 are easier for the MRF to weed out.

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